Selected publications below – please email for interest in individual articles.

MacGuffin Magazine #6 (The Ball)
Blowin’ in the Wind – article on tumbleweeds and their significance across cultures.

The Plant Magazine #12
Golāb – article on the Iranian rosewater, told through a conversation with Jason Lowe. Photographs by Jason Lowe.
Garden makers and Euphorbia of East Africa – short story on a series of photographs of giant Euphorbia in Kenya, taken by botanist and taxonomist Susan Carter

The Plant Magazine #11 (Aloe Vera)
A Site of Encounter – article on Amazonian artefacts from the Richard Spruce collection at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Christopher – a short story on an Aloe vera plant gifted a long time ago.

The Plant Magazine #10 (Elephant Ear)
Winter Worm, Summer Grass – article on the annual Tibetan harvest of Yartsa Gunbu, a parasitic medicinal fungus that grows in the body of moon moth caterpillars. Pictures by Jason Lowe and Lindsay Sekulowicz

Unu o Unu
Articles of the work of artists Daniel Silver and Daniel Sinsel, for the non-profit organisation unu o unu which forges creative exchanges between artists and community groups.